Coffee and Whatever Else

bitmoji-432322783   For me life isn’t as simple as Ramen Noodle. I don’t have the funds to even support that, and campus food is expensive as well. My vice is coffee. I cannot function without anything else I consume is different depending on the day. Breakfast can vary from nothing to a protein bar/drink, a sandwich, or just a spoonful of peanut butter.

Lunch is a different phenomenon. There are three variables that play into what I have for lunch. Those variables are money, gas, and what is in the fridge. No money means no going out, which is fine with me because I like to save any extra spending money for the weekend. Low gas means spending more money to get gas, and if I am low on money I would like to spend it wisely. So most of the time I am low on both and end up eating at home. When I am home I usefully end up having sandwiches. Sandwiches with peanut butter, cold cuts, and left overs, if I’m lucky.  Dinner is easy because that’s on my parents because I live in a house of seven people so there has to be food for us. If not I can always just head down to my grandmother’s house since she lives just five minutes away.



Peanut Butter

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I am boring! I do not like to pair my peanut butter sandwich with anything. In my opinion it is perfect just the way it is. I absolutely love peanut butter and the protein benefits it comes with. So when I make myself a sandwich I pack in as much as possible on each individual slice of bread. Instead of putting the two pieces of bread together, like a traditional sandwich, I fold each slice od bread to make it its own mini sandwich, taco if you will. There is only one thing that I ever pair my PB sandwich with and that’s with a hot and fresh cup of coffee. Just thinking about it Is making my stomach growl.

Although I love peanut butter it doesn’t always love me back. Depending on the brand, the delicious spread causes me to break out in pimples. This is the reason why I can no longer enjoy Skippy peanut butter. Its high oil content kills my face. I can only trust the shop rite brand to keep my face in tact.


Pompton Parking

As big as this school is there never seems to be enough space for everyone. Most of the times trying to find parking is a project and a half. Lot 4 and 5 are almost always full so your only options are lot 6 which is all the way on the other side of campus, or pay for a reserved spot. Nobody has the time or money for either of those option. Well at least i don’t. So the only real way to avoid this frustration is to sacrifice your sleep, and maybe even your sanity, and get here at 7:30 when the lots are relatively empty.


I have to take 8:oo a.m. classes every single morning just so i can have a place to put my car. Parking affects my schedule too much that i try to have back to back classes so that way i won’t have to leave to then come pack to a parking catastrophe. The worst part is that i am not joking at all. If you don’t get here before 8:oo a.m. you are screwed. Yesterday I was walking to my car at 9:17 a.m. and a woman desperately asked if i was getting out so she can take my parking spot because the entire lot was full.


Noting beats a classic. I don’t care how lame, boring, or unoriginal i may sound, but by all the favorite cookie has got to be chocolate chip. It is what i grew up on. I am a big chocolate lover and honestly nothing compares to when you bite down on a warm fresh baked chocolate chip cookie. When you take the first bite it’s so fresh that the chocolate melts and you see it stretch as the cookie breaks apart.

Can I throw down in the kitchen and make a mean cookie? No not really. I have tried and it  didn’t go so well. One time my cousin and I decided to make cookies. We went out bought anything we needed that he didn’t already have at his house. At first things are going smoothly. Until we are told to add brown sugar to the mix. When we take out the brown sugar it is one giant rock. Somehow it all clumped up and hardened and it was unusable. I though it was hilarious. We spent 15 minutes looking for any other brown sugars but no luck. So my cousin, being the genius that he is, besides to put the sugar rock in the blender to try to get it to normal.Needless to say it didn’t work and we almost burned the house down. After a close call his mom tells us there was an extra, brand new, brown sugar right behind where we had set up. After all that the cookies came out… meeh ok but I am going to blame my cousin for that.

Cereal Killer


My all time favorite cereal has got to be cinnamon toast crunch. It is too good I would eat it almost every day as a midnight snack. Every bite was just an explosion of sugary goodness. It was my “healthy” choice of snack. I would attempt to use this to replace my late night donut/cookie cravings. The absolute best part of this cereal is the fact that when it is all gone there is so much leftover cinnamon that has mixed into the milk that you can’t help but want more. Just thinking about it makes me want to run down to the store and get a box.

One time during sophomore year i took my mothers giant coffee mug bowl and filled it to the brim with this stuff. I sat down with my cereal and had a late night Netflix marathon and watched a whole season of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. During this marathon I ate five entire bowls of this stuff and finished the box.untitled-1



Putting the Pedal to the Medal

Well for this post I am in a bit of a grey area. I don’t technically have my first car, but it is down stairs in my garage. My first car is/ is going to be my dad’s SAAB 2007 AERO 93 TURBO. So far I have gone my whole first year of college without a car. I have had to depend on my father to take me two and from school and when he can’t help me i have to scramble for a ride. It was easy in the beginning because i did not have a job, but now i work and go to school and things have gotten crazy. I desperately need a car. So instead of paying for three cars my father is going to give me his car, which has been paid off for two years, and he will get himself a nicer car. He is currently saving up for it so within a month or so his SAAB will be mine. It is a beautiful dark blue with a tan interior and it has turbo. I cannot wait for it to be mine and i can finally be my own ride to places and not have to depend on others. Plus I girls love a guy with a fast car 😉

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300 Pompton

I have a small complaint when it comes to this schools restaurant employees. I am sure those who come to WPU are well aware that most of the servers in the Student Center are extremely rude. They all look grumpy and have a I don’t want to be here attitude. I understand how annoying it can be to serve food to people all day, since i serve food at Costco, however I always try to keep a smile on my face and be polite. Granted not every worker is like this only a few but they are the ones dealing with the customers. In University Hall the servers are so nice and polite they have friendly relationships with a lot of their regular customers. Maybe I am just over exaggerating but i wish those in the student center had more of that type of attitude.



One of my all time favorite snacks has to be Chili’s signature queso dip with chips. Since I was a little kind my father has taken me to chili’s and every time we go we have to order that dip. I don’t even really know whats in it. I think it is just beans and cheese, but the flavor is so perfect you just can’t stop eating once you started. It is so good i even got all of my friends hook on it. It’s not only a tradition for my family, but also for me an my friends. I kinda wish i didn’t start writing about this because now I am craving some, but I got no money and no ride over there. 😦

WP Promotion

20161212_132420-01William Paterson University is such an amazing place. I love it here and the media program is far beyond anything I have ever seen at other universities. This is why i have been trying yo get my friends who are currently out of school or in community college to come here. They all love media and are looking for somewhere to go. I am always telling them about the great things they have here and all the opportunities they have. They all love the fact that for media you are required to take internships to better your chances for finding a job once you graduate. When they hear about this school they see hope for their future. They can get into jobs that they love in the field that they love and no longer have to work in supermarkets. They see a chance for a brighter future at this school. That is exactly what i see and i am thankful for the opportunity to be here.



I am one of those that is into music done by mostly unknown artist. For example one of my all tome favorite songs has to be Playground by Adrian Stresow. He is a young rapper, that is the same age as me, and the song is just very calm. It is something you can just cruise to.

Adrian-Stresow-Playground.jpgThe song that i absolutely love has to be Real by NF. The song is very intense and the artist never stops rapping there is no chorus just one fluid rap. it is the perfect work out anthem. When I saw this guy in concert and he played this the whole crowed went crazy.

maxresdefault.jpgThis last song has been one of my favorites since i was a little boy. The song song is I am God by Kirk Franklin. It tells a powerful story about a man who knows God and of his promises but is tired and impatient and wants to do this his own way. God then replies “Be still and know I am God.” This powerful message is very relatable and this song helps keep me going when i just feel like giving up. BTW all these song are done by christian artist and i am a devoted christian.