MYTHSM001011_col  My favorite stories growing up where any about Spiderman. When i was younger the very first movie came out and i was immediately hooked on the character. I very much related to the aspect of Peter Parker. He was a skinny nerd, who was very shy, got picked on by other kids, but was a good person to everyone he met. I related to that because i was the same. I was always the shortest and skinniest kid in class and because back then glasses weren’t as universal as they are now kids would pick on me for them. I loved Spidey’s stories because i related to them. I was always I had all the coloring books, story books (for kids), DVD’s, and toys. I was the biggest little Spider fan there was. The funny thing about it is that, to this very day, people say i look like Peter Parker so most of my friends call me “Parker”.



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