Garlic Crust

8d259d21a5f8411877858faa5715ced4    I absolutely love garlic and put it on almost everything i eat. I would not be able to explain my favorite garlic flavored dish but i can say one of them. I am a man of simple taste and i love to have pizza with a nice garlic flavored crust. I despise when i am eating a masterfully crafted pie and then i get to the cut and is plain. I will still eat the crust, no good food should go to waste, but i won’t enjoy it as much. I want to enjoy all the part of the pizza. To me the crust is just as important so that crust better be buttered in garlic! It is the perfect way to finish off a great slice, plus it goes with any flavor weather it’s meat, vegetarian, extra cheese,, or whatever else. Dominos automatically puts garlic on there crust and you can ask for it without extra cost at Pizza hut. Those are the two offers i am aware of. Please let me know in the comments what your favorite pizza and/or garlic dish is.



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