Not The Zoo

Although I have been to a zoo before I don’t really remember the experience. I guess it just wasn’t that exciting or memorable to me. However, I do remember I particularly interesting tour of a zoo like area of Six Flags Great Adventure. After spending a long and exciting day on roller coasters me and my cousins decided to end off with a quiet little tour. Us and a few other got on these bus like carts that had windows with no glass everything was open to us so we could feel the gentle summer breeze gliding across our faces. As soon as we started to move animals would walk past us as if we were not even there. Different creatures were roaming all around the area. Everything is calm and boring until we reach a hill at the top we find two ostriches mating. They were going crazy! Our guide tries to drive past it but when we got down to the open field all the other animals where doing the same thing. We laugh the discomfort away once we turn and see the one loner in a group of “love birds”. This loner was a large male elephant that had its back towards the rest of the field. The part that made us laugh was the fact that this elephant just started to drop massive amounts of poop while the other animals were bumping uglys. It was funny because it seemed almost like he did it out of spite. Poor guy.bitmoji2112654934

Eventually we progress past this area of the park and as we reach the end a large group of giraffes come towards us and surround our bus. Obviously this was planned by the guide as a fun ending so everyone started to pet these tall creatures. There was one giraffe that was a bit overly friendly as its face got within kissing distance of my friend Kaitlyn and she was freaking out. As she is wincing in discomfort looking the opposite way of the giraffe all me and my cousins could do was laugh and watch as she nearly got a hickey from this tall ass herbivore. Eventually it went away and then the tour was over. It was one hell of an experience…


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