WPU Fall 2017

For the next Semester i made a drastic change from what i have done this year. I have decided to stop talking 8:00 a.m classes. It is just too much for my and it is wearing me out. I don’t sleep much and barely have time to do homework. my earliest class next semester is 9:30a.m. I have also decided take only one class at 11:00a.m . Now i can rest and relax after a long weekend. I am looking forward to the fact that now i can rest and the breaks in the morning give me ample time to do homework for classes. I hate doing homework at night and prefer to get it done during the day.




MYTHSM001011_col  My favorite stories growing up where any about Spiderman. When i was younger the very first movie came out and i was immediately hooked on the character. I very much related to the aspect of Peter Parker. He was a skinny nerd, who was very shy, got picked on by other kids, but was a good person to everyone he met. I related to that because i was the same. I was always the shortest and skinniest kid in class and because back then glasses weren’t as universal as they are now kids would pick on me for them. I loved Spidey’s stories because i related to them. I was always I had all the coloring books, story books (for kids), DVD’s, and toys. I was the biggest little Spider fan there was. The funny thing about it is that, to this very day, people say i look like Peter Parker so most of my friends call me “Parker”.


WPU Exhaustion


Now that we are reaching the end of the semester things are really starting to crack down. All my classes are preparing for finals which means more work. More work means more studying which means less sleep. All this work stop of my job and church I am exhausted.  I have been doing work overnight until past midnight and then wake up at 6:30 a.m to make sure i have everything for my morning classes. I feel physically drained and it shows when i am in class it is hard to focus due to exhaustion. On top of that i am developing a sty on my right eye and it is becoming swollen. Its crunch time and i am working hard, but it is definitely taking a tole on me.

Garlic Crust

8d259d21a5f8411877858faa5715ced4    I absolutely love garlic and put it on almost everything i eat. I would not be able to explain my favorite garlic flavored dish but i can say one of them. I am a man of simple taste and i love to have pizza with a nice garlic flavored crust. I despise when i am eating a masterfully crafted pie and then i get to the cut and is plain. I will still eat the crust, no good food should go to waste, but i won’t enjoy it as much. I want to enjoy all the part of the pizza. To me the crust is just as important so that crust better be buttered in garlic! It is the perfect way to finish off a great slice, plus it goes with any flavor weather it’s meat, vegetarian, extra cheese,, or whatever else. Dominos automatically puts garlic on there crust and you can ask for it without extra cost at Pizza hut. Those are the two offers i am aware of. Please let me know in the comments what your favorite pizza and/or garlic dish is.




This campus is great!. I love the layout and the major i am in. I am a communications major with a focus on media production and i love it. I love what i am learning and can’t wait to continue to learn more. However, I am struggling with something. I am trying to decide on weather or not i should minor in Photography. I study it for three years and was even in an AP photography class in my senior year of high school. The part that makes me unsure about this decision is if my schedule will allow for this addition. I work part time at Costco whenever i can and when i am not at school or work i am heavily involved in my church youth group and i still have to make time to complete assignments. It just feels like too much and i am sure about my decision. I may or may not be stressing this but…bitmoji-850787629


bitmoji-424964706    Nope. Sorry (not sorry) but I do not sing. My mother can sing. She has even written and recorded a few songs, but I do not. I refuse to. I think its my mothers fault.. She pushed me too much  when i was younger to sing and i hated so now i never sing. She gets so mad at me because of it and all she wants to do is hear my voice and i refuse. I don’t even know if i am good or not. My voice is a mystery one that will never be solved. No karaoke for me but i am fine with that. Ill let my mother and my cousin, who also can sing, take care of all that.

Why Willy P

William Paterson University is an amazing school that i love attending. However, it was not my first choice. Original i wanted to attend New Jersey City University to study film. I had my mind-set on that and no one could tell me otherwise. I was already accepted into Willy P, but never toured the school. After i toured i slowly got more convinced. I loved the campus. I loved the advanced media tech well surpassed the tech at NJCU. The two things that truly sold me on the school was its closeness to home and the emphasis on internships so you have better chances of finding work. Now that i am here i love it and now i have even convinced some of my closest friends to start coming to school here. So i know these next 3 years are going to be great!bitmoji871110297

Not The Zoo

Although I have been to a zoo before I don’t really remember the experience. I guess it just wasn’t that exciting or memorable to me. However, I do remember I particularly interesting tour of a zoo like area of Six Flags Great Adventure. After spending a long and exciting day on roller coasters me and my cousins decided to end off with a quiet little tour. Us and a few other got on these bus like carts that had windows with no glass everything was open to us so we could feel the gentle summer breeze gliding across our faces. As soon as we started to move animals would walk past us as if we were not even there. Different creatures were roaming all around the area. Everything is calm and boring until we reach a hill at the top we find two ostriches mating. They were going crazy! Our guide tries to drive past it but when we got down to the open field all the other animals where doing the same thing. We laugh the discomfort away once we turn and see the one loner in a group of “love birds”. This loner was a large male elephant that had its back towards the rest of the field. The part that made us laugh was the fact that this elephant just started to drop massive amounts of poop while the other animals were bumping uglys. It was funny because it seemed almost like he did it out of spite. Poor guy.bitmoji2112654934

Eventually we progress past this area of the park and as we reach the end a large group of giraffes come towards us and surround our bus. Obviously this was planned by the guide as a fun ending so everyone started to pet these tall creatures. There was one giraffe that was a bit overly friendly as its face got within kissing distance of my friend Kaitlyn and she was freaking out. As she is wincing in discomfort looking the opposite way of the giraffe all me and my cousins could do was laugh and watch as she nearly got a hickey from this tall ass herbivore. Eventually it went away and then the tour was over. It was one hell of an experience…