Coffee and Whatever Else

bitmoji-432322783   For me life isn’t as simple as Ramen Noodle. I don’t have the funds to even support that, and campus food is expensive as well. My vice is coffee. I cannot function without anything else I consume is different depending on the day. Breakfast can vary from nothing to a protein bar/drink, a sandwich, or just a spoonful of peanut butter.

Lunch is a different phenomenon. There are three variables that play into what I have for lunch. Those variables are money, gas, and what is in the fridge. No money means no going out, which is fine with me because I like to save any extra spending money for the weekend. Low gas means spending more money to get gas, and if I am low on money I would like to spend it wisely. So most of the time I am low on both and end up eating at home. When I am home I usefully end up having sandwiches. Sandwiches with peanut butter, cold cuts, and left overs, if I’m lucky.  Dinner is easy because that’s on my parents because I live in a house of seven people so there has to be food for us. If not I can always just head down to my grandmother’s house since she lives just five minutes away.



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