Peanut Butter

093a - Picture Day (301)-2

I am boring! I do not like to pair my peanut butter sandwich with anything. In my opinion it is perfect just the way it is. I absolutely love peanut butter and the protein benefits it comes with. So when I make myself a sandwich I pack in as much as possible on each individual slice of bread. Instead of putting the two pieces of bread together, like a traditional sandwich, I fold each slice od bread to make it its own mini sandwich, taco if you will. There is only one thing that I ever pair my PB sandwich with and that’s with a hot and fresh cup of coffee. Just thinking about it Is making my stomach growl.

Although I love peanut butter it doesn’t always love me back. Depending on the brand, the delicious spread causes me to break out in pimples. This is the reason why I can no longer enjoy Skippy peanut butter. Its high oil content kills my face. I can only trust the shop rite brand to keep my face in tact.



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