Pompton Parking

As big as this school is there never seems to be enough space for everyone. Most of the times trying to find parking is a project and a half. Lot 4 and 5 are almost always full so your only options are lot 6 which is all the way on the other side of campus, or pay for a reserved spot. Nobody has the time or money for either of those option. Well at least i don’t. So the only real way to avoid this frustration is to sacrifice your sleep, and maybe even your sanity, and get here at 7:30 when the lots are relatively empty.


I have to take 8:oo a.m. classes every single morning just so i can have a place to put my car. Parking affects my schedule too much that i try to have back to back classes so that way i won’t have to leave to then come pack to a parking catastrophe. The worst part is that i am not joking at all. If you don’t get here before 8:oo a.m. you are screwed. Yesterday I was walking to my car at 9:17 a.m. and a woman desperately asked if i was getting out so she can take my parking spot because the entire lot was full.


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