Noting beats a classic. I don’t care how lame, boring, or unoriginal i may sound, but by all the favorite cookie has got to be chocolate chip. It is what i grew up on. I am a big chocolate lover and honestly nothing compares to when you bite down on a warm fresh baked chocolate chip cookie. When you take the first bite it’s so fresh that the chocolate melts and you see it stretch as the cookie breaks apart.

Can I throw down in the kitchen and make a mean cookie? No not really. I have tried and it  didn’t go so well. One time my cousin and I decided to make cookies. We went out bought anything we needed that he didn’t already have at his house. At first things are going smoothly. Until we are told to add brown sugar to the mix. When we take out the brown sugar it is one giant rock. Somehow it all clumped up and hardened and it was unusable. I though it was hilarious. We spent 15 minutes looking for any other brown sugars but no luck. So my cousin, being the genius that he is, besides to put the sugar rock in the blender to try to get it to normal.Needless to say it didn’t work and we almost burned the house down. After a close call his mom tells us there was an extra, brand new, brown sugar right behind where we had set up. After all that the cookies came out… meeh ok but I am going to blame my cousin for that.


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