Putting the Pedal to the Medal

Well for this post I am in a bit of a grey area. I don’t technically have my first car, but it is down stairs in my garage. My first car is/ is going to be my dad’s SAAB 2007 AERO 93 TURBO. So far I have gone my whole first year of college without a car. I have had to depend on my father to take me two and from school and when he can’t help me i have to scramble for a ride. It was easy in the beginning because i did not have a job, but now i work and go to school and things have gotten crazy. I desperately need a car. So instead of paying for three cars my father is going to give me his car, which has been paid off for two years, and he will get himself a nicer car. He is currently saving up for it so within a month or so his SAAB will be mine. It is a beautiful dark blue with a tan interior and it has turbo. I cannot wait for it to be mine and i can finally be my own ride to places and not have to depend on others. Plus I girls love a guy with a fast car 😉

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