I am one of those that is into music done by mostly unknown artist. For example one of my all tome favorite songs has to be Playground by Adrian Stresow. He is a young rapper, that is the same age as me, and the song is just very calm. It is something you can just cruise to.

Adrian-Stresow-Playground.jpgThe song that i absolutely love has to be Real by NF. The song is very intense and the artist never stops rapping there is no chorus just one fluid rap. it is the perfect work out anthem. When I saw this guy in concert and he played this the whole crowed went crazy.

maxresdefault.jpgThis last song has been one of my favorites since i was a little boy. The song song is I am God by Kirk Franklin. It tells a powerful story about a man who knows God and of his promises but is tired and impatient and wants to do this his own way. God then replies “Be still and know I am God.” This powerful message is very relatable and this song helps keep me going when i just feel like giving up. BTW all these song are done by christian artist and i am a devoted christian.



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