Time is something that never stops, it’s always moving forward. Time never stops, speeds up, slows down, or repeats. You can’t reverse it no matter how hard you try. I actually view that as a good thing because i would defiantly be someone who would just constantly do things over until i got it right. I also look forward for what life has in store for me. However there is one day that I would like to relive. It would be the time i went to mountain creek water park.

In the middle of July 2015 my cousin Isaiah invited me to go with him and his church’s youth group to a water park. I had just broken up with my girlfriend so he did this as a way to cheer me up. I get there and I was expecting just an awkward group of kids that would just keep to themselves all day. ┬áTo my surprise we had an amazing group of people with us and we all stuck together and went on almost every ride together. Also, their was a girl in the group who was just insanely beautiful. She was fun and adventurous. Me and her really clicked that day she made me forget about my failed relationship and it was the first time a truly enjoyed myself since the breakup. She honestly made my day. I just would like to have that day back spent it with her and maybe avoid a few embarrassing moments that happened that day.


About Me

My name is Andrew Peter Fuentes, but my friends call me Parker. I am called this for a number of reasons. First and foremost is because I am huge marvel comics spider-man fan and people always come up to me saying I look like Peter Parker. Another reason is because I am a photographer and I am always getting asked to take pictures for different events. My pictures have been in art shows and galleries and I love taking artistic photographs. My true passion however is directing. I love making videos and editing them and seeing the impact they have on people.

I have quite a bit of experience in the media field. I have studied Photography for three years and media production for 2 years. I was the head of the media department for the New Beginnings Arts Academy for almost three years. I am also part of two different media teams, each one for a different church. I love what I do and really plan on expanding my knowledge so I can turn what I love into a career and get paid for doing what I am passionate about. In order to do this, I had to learn how to write proper papers. A huge part of film making is film writing. I have been practicing this skill and with every paper I write I try and include a personal experience that had a significant impact on my life. I want to write and direct block buster films so with every paper I write I will try to create a vivid and relatable story for my audience.